The Collection Agency understands that the recovery of the particular funds you're seeking requires precise knowledge of the contemporary art market. It also requires the ability to persuade your debtors to pay. Our principals and lead debt collectors have deep roots in the contemporary art world, so when you contact TCA you can expect to be met by a knowledgable, sympathetic ear. Each client is treated as an individual with unique and often complicated circumstances surrounding their debt collection. Let TCA assess your needs and put you on a path to debt recovery.



"I had gone from having a very productive and balanced relationship with my galleries to realizing that they were withholding, misleading, and often hiding financial information from me. The most difficult part was when I spoke to people within my circle about it, they said this was common, and that I should “just deal with it”. But when I reached out to TCA, I found out that I did not need to tolerate this type of treatment. TCA did more then just help me, they changed my life."  - Robert, New York City

"Initially it was difficult to deal with the debt owed to me because I felt a sense of shame, like it reflected on me or was somehow my fault. My dedicated project team at TCA educated me in the larger picture of how artists, dealers, collectors and curators engage with one another around the money that drives the business of art. Once I understood the complexity of forces at work, I understood that I simply needed an external agency working on my behalf to collect what was owed to me. The distance that TCA created for me from the situation was what I appreciated the most."  - Angela, London

"At first I thought the amount I was seeking to recover ($8000) would be too small for TCA to consider. But they were completely open and honest as to what they thought they would be able to recover. Though their percentage would be quite small in the end, they pledged to work just as hard on my case as they would on a $100,000 recovery. And they absolutely did. That's when I realized TCA cares more about seeking justice for working artists than lining their pockets with commissions. After I had felt so taken advantage of by someone I once trusted, it's reassuring to do business with such a caring and straightforward organization."  - John, Los Angeles