If you're reading this it's because you require assistance in the recovery of a debt. As you know, much of the contemporary art world functions without contractual agreements, leaving a legal vacuum that's easy to get lost in. A lack of oversight and regulation enables certain individuals, galleries and institutions to occasionally operate outside of the codes of traditional business procedures and ethics. This creates situations where there are no clearly defined legal options in recovering a debt. If that's where you're at, then it's good that you're here.

TCA's competitive contingency rates and superior team generate results though a multi-faceted, personalized approach that always remains consistent with our clients' expectations. 


Before you contact us, you will probably want to know how much a professional debt collector will cost. Our fees range from 10 percent to 25 percent of the money that we collect. But if we don't collect, you don't pay.



Contact us to discuss your situation. If your claim is suited to our services, we will provide a written estimate. If we can’t help you, we will do our best to refer you to a well-suited colleague. After an initial consultation, a seasoned debt collector will personally manage your case, calling upon our network of art world specialists for strategic counsel as needed.



Your project team will research the gallery or collector being sought for collection. TCA’s debt collectors understand how galleries, collectors and institutions operate because they have worked in the contemporary art market prior to becoming debt collectors. We understand the politics, logistics and pressures that are faced by the people who control the funds you wish to retrieve.



Next, your project team will customize a plan to recover your finances. TCA does not make specific tactics public – in order to maintain our strategic advantage – but we fully explain our strategies to our clients before we execute our plan. We anticipate hearing the same excuses that you may have heard from the gallery or collector, but we have battle-proven strategies to get beyond the excuses to the truth, and from the truth to payment.



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